The Property

The property is 4ha (10 acres) situated at the base of Mt Taranaki – 18km from New Plymouth, close to walks and mountain access. The sloping grass paddock was bought in February 2005, and has been developed ever since to a permaculture design which is in constant change.

The property is off the grid and the renewable energy system consists of a water turbine, solar panels, and solar hot water heating.  Drinking water is collected from the roof and water runoff from the property is also collected into a lake and pumped up to a holding tank for gravity fed irrigation to the garden.

The macrocarpa (pine) house from locally felled and milled wood, has recycled windows and doors.  Accommodation in also available in a bach as well as a small cabin (the ‘pod’) by the lake.

This is a self-sufficient organic property growing vegetables, fruit and meat for the household, and has extensive gardens and orchards planted over the past few years. Over 4,000 native, timber, and coppice trees have been planted over 10 years.  The nursery was set up to continue the propagation and selling of native trees as well as productive and useful plants for home gardens to  permaculture food forests.

The menagerie consists of ducks (pest control), chooks (eggs, meat, gardening), sheep (selling and meat),and  cows (meat).

The property is certified organic through Organic Farm New Zealand (OFNZ).