Productive Garden Plants


The following plants are all pB1.5 size pots – $5

Groundcovers and Herbs – mints – apple mint, basil mint, spearmint, peppermint, vietnamese mint, herbs – oregano, chives,   White alpine strawberries, strawberries, orangeberry, gotu kola, yarrow, orange balm, lemongrass, prostrate rosemary

Plant guilds – Russian comfrey, winter flowering dwarf comfrey, tansy, valerian, bee balm, borage

Aliums – (out of stock)

Useful – Soapwort, horseradish, tree lupin (nitrogen fixer)

Dye plants – woad, madder

Medicinal – feverfew,  evening primrose, echinacea

Teas – pineapple sage, lemon balm, apple mint, peppermint, nettle

Climbers – hops

Trees – tree lucerne/tagasaste (nitrogen fixer) (available in January 2024)

Food Forest Starter Plants Box (ideal as a gift) – $60

Choose any 15 plants from the pb1.5 list above (subject to time of year and availability) to make up your food forest starter box

Favourite box is – 2 Russian comfrey, 1 dwarf comfrey, 2 tagasaste, 1 pineapple sage, 1 tree lupin, 2 alpine strawberries, 3 assorted mints, 1 lemon balm, 1 tansy and 1 soapwort.

The following plants are all pB3 size pots – $10

Understorey plants – globe artichoke, New Zealand cranberry, Rhubarb

Roots – yacon

Useful – basket willow

Climbers – boysenberries

Trees – French sugar fig, American and European elderberry

TO BUY PLANTS JUST TXT OR EMAIL AND THEY CAN BE PICKED UP FROM THE PROPERTY (sorry no couriering out at this time) – 0211252035 –


A range of seasonable fruit, vegetables from the property are available for people who are staying on site for courses or holiday accommodation.