Tagasaste – (nitrogen fixing – ideal for nurse plant for establishing orchards and shelterbelts.  Dormancy is broken by putting the seeds in hot water for 5 minutes before planting).


Pea beans -the earliest of the half hardy beans to be cultivated in Europe.  Climber to 2 metres.  Prolific – great steamed in pods, blanched and frozen, or left to dry and beans stored and used for stews and hummus.

Kidney beans – bush bean that needs to be kept well watered.  Leave the pods to dry on plant and then store beans to add to stews, chillis etc..


Productive Bulbs

Yacon – $10 (500g), Yams – red and yellow – $6 (500g), Jerusalem Artichoke – $5 (500g), Kowiniwini (maori potatoes) $6 (500g), Garlic – $17.50 (500g)

($6 postage per 500g)

Useful Plants

Comfrey, Borage, Tansy, Pyrethrum, Valerium, Wormwood – $5/pot

Tree Lucerne (Tagasaste) – $3 ($25 for 10)


Strawberries, Cranberry, Rhubarb, Raspberries, Fig  – from $2.50 – $10.00


Various Pittosporums, Grisellinia, Corokias, Golden Ake Ake, Various Hebes – from $3.50…

Please note that plants must either be picked up, or I can deliver in New Plymouth. I am unable to post them.


A range of seasonable fruit, vegetables and eggs from the property are available for people who are staying on site for courses or holiday accommodation, or can pick up from the door.