Understorey plants – currants, berries, rhubarb, globe artichoke, cardoon, New Zealand cranberry ($8)

Plant guilds – Russian comfrey, dwarf comfrey, borage, tansy, valerian, apple geranium ($5)

Groundcovers and Herbs Рmints Рapple, basil, spearmint, herbs Рoregano, thyme, alpine strawberries, pepino, orangeberry, apple geranium, gotu kola, thyme, parsley, sage, chives, Roman chamomile, dill, yarrow, Vietnamese mint, lemongrass, watercress, ($5)

Roots – yacon, kowiniwini maori potatoes, yams ($8) horseradish ($5)

Aliums – egyptian walking tree onion, welsh onions, perennial leeks ($5)

Useful – basket willow ($8), soapwort, wormwood ($5)


Medicinal – feverfew, balm of gilead, evening primrose

Teas – lemon verbena, pineapple sage, lemon balm, orange balm, German chamomile ($5)

Climbers – hops ($5), boysenberries, grapes ($8)

Trees – figs (brunuro black, brown Turkey, French sugar), American and European elderberry ($8), tree lucerne/tagasaste ($3)


Food Forest Starter Plants Box (ideal as a gift) – $60

Choose any 15 plants from the list above (subject to time of year and availability) to make up your food forest starter box

Favourite box is – 2 Russian comfrey, 1 dwarf comfrey, 1 tagasaste, 1 rhubarb, 1 yacon, 1 perennial leek, 2 alpine strawberries, 3 assorted mints, 1 oregano, 1 tansy and 1 borage.



Tagasaste Р(nitrogen fixing Рideal for nurse plant for establishing orchards and shelterbelts.  Dormancy is broken by rubbing the seeds between sheets of sandpaper and then putting them in hot water for 5 minutes before planting). $5/packet (50 seeds)



A range of seasonable fruit, vegetables from the property are available for people who are staying on site for courses or holiday accommodation, or can pick up from the door.