Tagasaste – (nitrogen fixing – ideal for nurse plant for establishing orchards and shelterbelts.  Dormancy is broken by putting the seeds in hot water for 5 minutes before planting). $5/packet (50 seeds)


Productive Bulbs (available Jun-Sep)

Yacon – $10 (500g), Yams – red and yellow – $7.50 (500g), Jerusalem Artichoke – $7.50 (500g), Kowiniwini (maori potatoes) $7.50 (500g)

($6 postage per 500g)

Useful Plants

Russian comfrey, dwarf comfrey, borage, tansy, valerium, wormwood, apple geranium, soapwort  – $4

Tree Lucerne (Tagasaste) – $3 ($25 for 10) (sold out until November)

Productive Plants

Strawberries, alpine strawberries, NZ cranberry, rhubarb, fig, pepino, lemon verbena, elderberry – European and American, hops, Egyptian walking onions, perpetual leeks, angelica, crimson clover, lemongrass, thyme, globe artichokes, orangeberry, boysenberry, spearmint, basil mint, apple mint, yacon – from $3.00 – $10.00


A range of seasonable fruit, vegetables from the property are available for people who are staying on site for courses or holiday accommodation, or can pick up from the door.