Understorey plants – currants, berries, rhubarb, globe artichoke, New Zealand cranberry ($6)

Plant guilds – Russian comfrey, dwarf comfrey, borage, tansy, valerian, apple geranium ($4)

Groundcovers – mints – apple, basil, spear or pepper, herbs – oregano, thyme, alpine strawberries, pepino, orangeberry ($4)

Roots – yacon, kowiniwini maori potatoes, yams ($6)

Aliums – Egyptian walking tree onion, welsh onions, perennial leeks ($4)

Useful – basket willow, soapwort, wormwood, lemon verbena ($4)

Herbs – thyme, mints, parsley, sage, pineapple sage ($4)

Climbers – hops, boysenberries, grapes ($6)

Trees – Fig, elderberry ($6), Tree Lucerne/Tagasaste ($3)


Food Forest Starter Plants Box (ideal as a gift) – $50

Choose any 15 plants from the list above (subject to time of year and availability) to make up your food forest starter box

Current favourite box is – 2 Russian comfrey, 1 dwarf comfrey, 1 tagasaste, 1 rhubarb, 1 yacon, 1 perennial leek, 2 alpine strawberries, 3 assorted mints, 1 oregano, 1 thyme and 1 borage.



Tagasaste – (nitrogen fixing – ideal for nurse plant for establishing orchards and shelterbelts.  Dormancy is broken by rubbing the seeds between sheets of sandpaper and then putting them in hot water for 5 minutes before planting). $5/packet (50 seeds)



A range of seasonable fruit, vegetables from the property are available for people who are staying on site for courses or holiday accommodation, or can pick up from the door.