Productive Garden Plants


The following plants are all pB1.5 size pots – $5

Groundcovers and Herbs – mints – apple mint, basil mint, spearmint, peppermint, vietnamese mint, herbs – oregano.  White alpine strawberries, strawberries, orangeberry, gotu kola, yarrow, orange balm, lemongrass, prostrate rosemary

Plant guilds – Russian comfrey, winter flowering dwarf comfrey, tansy, valerian, borage

Aliums – (out of stock)

Useful – Soapwort, horseradish

Dye plants – woad, madder

Medicinal – feverfew, echinacea

Teas – pineapple sage, lemon balm, apple mint, peppermint, nettle

Climbers – hops

Trees – tree lucerne/tagasaste (nitrogen fixer)

Food Forest Starter Plants Box (ideal as a gift) – $60

Choose any 15 plants from the pb1.5 list above (subject to time of year and availability) to make up your food forest starter box

Favourite box is – 2 Russian comfrey, 1 dwarf comfrey, 2 tagasaste, 1 pineapple sage, 1 tree lupin, 2 alpine strawberries, 3 assorted mints, 1 lemon balm, 1 tansy and 1 soapwort.

The following plants are all pB3 size pots – $10

Understorey plants – globe artichoke, New Zealand cranberry, Rhubarb

Roots – yacon

Useful – basket willow

Climbers – boysenberries

Trees – French sugar fig, brown Turkey fig, American and European elderberry

TO BUY PLANTS JUST TXT OR EMAIL AND THEY CAN BE PICKED UP FROM THE PROPERTY (sorry no couriering out at this time) – 0211252035 –


A range of seasonable fruit, vegetables from the property are available for people who are staying on site for courses or holiday accommodation.