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Permaculture/Workshop Course Feedback

I can’t believe you packed that much information into 3 hours – I feel exhausted but also very inspired to get back home and make some lasagne beds!  MR

Fantastic weekend with likeminded people learning about food forests.  It was great to be able to take back so many cuttings to start my own…. DJ

Finally, I learn how to use the bokashi bin properly.  Composting is finally starting to make sense.  It was good to get my hands dirty with the practical and it helped my understanding of this simple but effective way to cycle nutrients in the garden  RT

I never really thought about the nutrient content of my food before this course.  Thanks for explaining about soils, I will never call it ‘dirt’ again.  HW

Level 3 and 4 Horticulture Course Feedback

Dee is passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter and has a way of communicating with all types of people on all different levels. DM

The organic horticulture course is fabulous.  I can honestly say that it has increased my understanding of permaculture and deepened my overall knowledge of gardening.  My family now reap the benefits of a more bountiful garden and I am delighted to be providing food that is grown organically without the use of harmful chemical sprays.  Dee is a fantastic teacher with vast knowledge and practical skills to impart.    ER

Another really important part of the course was joining the community of like-minded, knowledgeable people with similar interests, we love being part of the network of past and present students and have made some good friends. CG

The courses gave me the knowledge, understanding and confidence to explore different ways of gardening and working with nature. I base all of my gardening on what I have learnt from you and now I am able to supply organic veggies to lots of people living on my road. I definitely wouldn’t have got this far without the course and it’s been one of the best ones I’ve ever attended.   HK

As a complete beginner (I had never grown anything edible before), the organic horticulture course L3 provided me all the required techniques to start my home organic garden. The topics covered in the class are all very useful and provide a broad perspective on how to manage a sustainable backyard (from soil, to pest and diseases management and permaculture).   Acquiring this amount of knowledge in such a short period of time (10 months) is incredible. The class also brings together people sharing the same vision of gardening and builds a local organic community. Gaining that knowledge on my own would have taken years. “   AB


The  Organic Horticulture courses Level 3 and 4 have provided  invaluable tuition and practical experiences that  have transformed the way I grow fruit and veg in my home garden.  The course has given me the confidence to grow  a wide range of produce for the family all year round and to understand and analyse problems when they occur, from nutrient issues to pests and disease. I feel well prepared and supported to run to a small horticultural business when I find a suitable piece of land in the future. SW


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