Productive Garden Advice

This service is for people wishing to start productive gardens – vegetable and/or fruit production.

I visit your property for between 1-3 hours (usually dependent upon size and what you want to do).  You can then take notes of our discussion, or I can write up a report of what needs doing.

The advice sessions covers:

•    How much productive garden is needed dependent upon family size, space and time available
•    Site and aspect
•    Soil type, building and  improvement including how to pH test
•    Shelter planting and species
•    Gardening systems – eg raised beds, lasagne beds, mandalas
•    Tools – hand and machinery
•    Compost systems – 3 bay bins, tumblers, black bins, hot and cold compost
•    Liquid fertilizers – seaweed, comfrey, compost teas
•    Weeding and mulching
•    Protection of crops
•    Companion planting and orchard and plant guilds
•    Timing of planting – Spring through to winter
•    Types of plants to grow – vegetables, fruit, herbs
•    Annual and perennial plants
•    Seasonal planting
•    Garden maintenance
•    Irrigation

This is an advice service which helps you to design your garden – it is a verbal or written report which sets out the steps to start to build a productive garden.  I do not draw up a plan or a pretty picture!

Cost – $75/hr + travel (83c/km).  There is a minimum fee of $150 for the garden visit.  You can take notes as we progress around the garden, or record me on your phone.  Alternatively I supply a written report for $150 inclusive.

I also offer this advice online for those of you who are not in the Taranaki area.  This is done via zoom for 45 minutes and the cost is $75.  Contact me for more details.